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Well here it goes you asked for it.
My Mom and Dad well you know... in Hawaii. I was born in Barstow Calafornia on june fourth 1970. If you can find Barstow I would be impressed. Then I moved to Minnesota, I had a few good years then we had to move to of all places Pennsylvania. I lived there for a while and had two girls vying for my attention. At the time I had no interest in girls, I just thought of them as friends. One was cute and the other possessive. I was leaning twards the cute one. I stayed at the cute ones house one time while my parents were away. Her parents put me in her room with her. Man thinking back... Oh and if your wondering if I remember her name, the answer is yes. Her name is Sherry. The other girls name escapes me. From there I move to Florida. It was fun down there. I got to swim in the ocean allmost any time I wanted to. And get this in the house where I lived in Florida, there was a fireplace. Don't ask me why. Oh and another thing that this house had was a pool. I liked to hold my breath as long as I could underwater. Just to see if my parents would freek. They didn't. After what seemed to be a short stint in florida, we moved again. This time it was in New Mexico. I hated it there. I lived in a dry desert like enviroment. I felt so alone there. They were using spanish and I had no clue what they were saying. Sure the teachers were nice, and tried to help me make friends. But it just didn't work out. Some of the fun things I did there was going into the center of a "dust devil". A small kind of tornado. Nearly tore the skin off of me because of the sand moving so fast. When I was inside it was so calm, It was cool, neet, etc.. Then it came time to move again. I have gotten very good at packing by this time so I helped more than usual. We moved to Minnesota which has been my home for several years now that my Mom and Dad divorced. The reason why we moved so much is because my Dad used to work for the goverment. He used to buy land for the park service. If you know of the appalachian trail, well he helped buy some of it from owners. One of which shot at him with a shotgun. Well now I live alone and have a steady job. I have work at my job for ten years now. I am a truck unload supervisor. It's a nice job. Fairly easy. But because of the job and my stupidity, I hurt my back. I now have a herniated disk in my lower back, but I don't let it get me down. I have such a happy go lucky attitude not even my car being damaged can bring me down for long. I had hail damage. It happend 5/20/98 and I didn't get it fixed until a year later. Anything else you want to know just ask. I need a better picture!

I am 29 around 175lbs, 5'9" tall.
An ICQ friend calls me sweet as sugar and huggable.
I'm the strong silent type.
I like movies, games, new gizmos to add to my home theater.
I am a flurtatious kind of person. I like to make people laugh.
I don't smoke or drink so I look for someone who is like that but I tend to waver on the latter.